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WPMeta Topic of Week – Gutenberg Resources

Since last 25 days, we had “Try Gutenberg” Callout, This week at #WPMeta let’s talk about how you are handling Gutenberg.

Q1. What was your first reaction after Installing Gutenberg Plugin?

Q2. Did you face any impact on your Old Post and Pages?

Q3. What are the Extra Plugins or Blocks you loved to use with Gutenberg Plugin?

Q4. What are your resources to learn and explore Gutenberg as User or Developer?

Q5. What Tips and tricks you learned about Gutenberg, you would like to share to #WPMeta Chatters.

You can Tweet / Comment on this post, I’ll summarise all inputs with the citations on Sunday. Don’t Forget to use hashtag #WPMeta or Mention @wpmeta.

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One reply on “WPMeta Topic of Week – Gutenberg Resources”

A1. Gutenberg, my first impression was mix of doubt & curiosity. But hands down it is impressive.

A2. Used on Test data only, but not observed

A3. Atomic Blocks plugin, Advance Blocks

A4. Making own Blocks & styling

A5. It is easier than expected, have to explore more for tips tricks

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