Pivoting WPMeta Twitter Chat Community

We hosted first #WPMeta chat in August 2015, Since then we had various experiments with day and time. For the last two year’s being in many shoes, Learned a lot from those experience and we formed a small helping community comprised of WordPress Enthusiasts – Developers and Users.

Aim for #WPMeta Chat was:
To Discover new things going in the ecosystem.

As a working professional, we could not spend time hunting unless in dire need. Varied topic every week would have helped that, Unfortunately, Storify is down and we have lost our Chat Transcripts. (Don’t Worry! tweets are still available on Twitter, so we can even parse down old tweets)

What are we changing Now?
1. We are moving to Slack Community – a home for community discussions.

If you haven’t joined WPMeta Slack Team, get an invite from below.
[caldera_form id=”CF5cefe9fe1d60f”]

2. There will be No Hour for #WPMeta Chat. It becomes topic of the week in the slack and on twitter. Questions will be posted (Twitter & Slack) on Tuesday, and a consolidated blog post will be composed on coming Monday. Meanwhile, you can discuss on tweets and slack channel.

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