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Pivoting WPMeta Twitter Chat Community

We hosted first #WPMeta chat in August 2015, Since then we had various experiments with day and time. For the last two year’s being in many shoes, Learned a lot from those experience and we formed a small helping community comprised of WordPress Enthusiasts – Developers and Users. Aim for #WPMeta Chat was: To DiscoverRead More

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Need your inputs for #WPMeta NewsRoom

If you have missed about #WPMeta Newsroom, here’s in short about it. News Room is Feed Display of various WordPress blog Inspired by AllTop. For Newsroom Preview, Teams blog is already live, Checkout Here. Need Inputs on Right now Planning to Categorize room into – WP.org Team Blogs (All the magic in WP happens here)Read More

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New Timings for #WPMeta Twitter Chat

Yes, finally we are back for second round of #wpmeta Twitter chat with New Timing. In last round, We tried a couple of different dates and times. As mentioned in Hurdles we faced in #wpmeta round 1, we moved from Monday to Tuesday. Tuesday was feasible and worked for many, but the timing was alwaysRead More

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Suggest topics to Explore at #WPMeta Twitter chat

Jai WordPress people, Last Sept, I tried to revive the wpmeta project and it came to the resolution List of the Year 2018. So Before we kick start the chats, would love to have your suggestions. If you are new to #WPMeta Twitter chat, it’s a weekly Twitter chat, Currently on break. We discussed variousRead More

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Meet the People Behind #WPMeta Twitter Chat

When it comes to any Twitter chat, most people know the chat host. But it’s not the only Host that make the chat, it’s the people behind it. I’m a Twitter addict who started #wpmeta with the sole objective of spending less time on twitter/web searching for new learnings. Though I started #WPMeta chat, HereRead More

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Hurdles #WPMeta Twitter chat had in past years

Jai WordPress People! In 2015-2016, we conducted various chats. In those, we tried different formats of chats Like Open Mic, with Guest, No guest Just questions. Each chat has its own charm. I’m Posting hurdles we faced in past few days. 1. Chatting on Twitter is Hard. This was so called resistance to change whenRead More

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#WPMeta Chat Transcripts that you might have missed

Jai WordPress! Since August 2015, we had chat on various topics mentioned below, here’s the list of Topics Linking to Transcript that we covered in Past. Contributing to Community Optimizing WordPress, Bloggesd Perspective Exploring Contact form plugins Exploring Newsletter Plugins Choosing WordPress Themes Exploring Maps Plugins Exploring Analytical Plugins Exploring Sidebar and Widgets Plugins WordPressRead More

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Why I Hosted Twitter Chat, the core idea behind #WPMeta

Jai WordPress People! After WordCamp Nagpur, I’m back into writing mode, It’s been a long break for WPmeta Twitter chat. Before I write about why we took a break, I would like to share the purpose behind #WPMeta Twitter chat. In my 10 years of Webmaster journey, I’m consulting various agencies, various bloggers and newbieRead More

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[Poll] New Timings

Hello Fellow #wpmeta chatters, It was Great meeting you all at WordCamp Nashik. Based on the various discussion about the Timing for #wpmeta twitter chat. Here is the Poll of Various Options. Please Vote the suitable #wpmeta starting time for you. Please tweet me to suggest and addition to Poll. Update: Thanks for sharing yourRead More