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The topic of the Week: How you started with WordPress

The topic for this week is a little Nostalgic, but WordPress 5.0 is on the verge of release with many impressive features. So we want to know how your journey started with WordPress. You can share your thoughts using the following Questions or write it in your way.

Q1. How long are you using WordPress?
Q2. What was the First project you did with WordPress?
Q3. What was your thoughts about WordPress after a month of first project initiation?
Q4. What are/were the Bottleneck you face while getting started with WordPress?
Q5. WordPress has a vast community, contributed by meetup chapters, local blogging/Development groups. Are you part of any such, do share your experience and Links to those groups.

You can Tweet / Comment on this post, and I’ll summarise all inputs with the citations on Sunday. Don’t Forget to use hashtag #WPMeta or Mention @wpmeta if posting on Twitter.

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