Why I Hosted Twitter Chat, the core idea behind #WPMeta

Jai WordPress People!

After WordCamp Nagpur, I’m back into writing mode, It’s been a long break for WPmeta Twitter chat. Before I write about why we took a break, I would like to share the purpose behind #WPMeta Twitter chat.

In my 10 years of Webmaster journey, I’m consulting various agencies, various bloggers and newbie developers. Common queries like:

  • what plugins do you recommend for a certain task?
  • how do you execute the certain type of scenarios?

are always there in the discussion.

It’s not like I don’t like to answers by helping them, Chat Transcripts are the easier way for the learner to understand the other aspects of the same thing. Whereas with chats it’s not just me who is talking, the learner can learn from other tweeps.

Creating a 10 min quick read for the topic is good enough for any learner to get started was the primary objective.

I cannot keep track of all good things happening in the WordPress ecosystem. Discovering new things and approaches towards the various scenarios is a great learning curve for Me.

About why we took a break let’s keep that point for next blog post!

I know this is very first blog post on this website, Since August 2015 we had Twitter Chats on various Topics, you can find transcript on Storify –¬†


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