Trends in WordPress Ecosystem Version Year 2020

The month of 2020 is flying away, Feb is about to end and I’m still not done with January’s Pending Task. January was a hell of Experiences for me, So far February is not that adventurous.

In December, I reached out to some friendly folks in the WordPress Ecosystem asking What the Future Trends in the WordPress Ecosystem are. Here’s the summation of what they said.

The year 2020 holds huge work of INBOUND MARKETING in WebSphere. There will be new tools and work coming down the line for Marketing. Inbound Marketing is a more systematic way of the digital sales funnel. More and more marketers will move towards WordPress for its simplicity.
Parth Pandya, CEO, KrishaWeb Inc

WaaS(WordPress As a Service) is spreading rapidly in the WP ecosystem compared to past years. This would encourage many authors to develop plugins & themes to cater to the growing demand among WaaS providers. I personally love what WP Ultimo is already doing.

This will further increase the demand for self-managed cloud for hosting with better control & scalability.

Other than this, mobile-first will keep ruling and performance will become the topmost concern. Following the speed game – many would be seen chasing/flaunting the best FCP for mobile devices.

Rajendra Zore, RunCloud

WordPress platform and ecosystem maturity – competition with non-WP solutions, skill upgrades for people, consolidation in the market, challenging times for many businesses, new opportunities in SaaS, more feature-rich plug-ins than “one task focussed” solutions

Nirav Mehta, Founder, StoreApps Technologies LLP

Thanks to all my Friends who shared their thoughts about Trends in WordPress in 2020. Unfortunately, WCAsia 2020 is Called-off off due to COVID-19, and there was a live stream scheduled where some of the speakers Presented their WCAsia Talks online. In QnA Session with Matt, I got to ask along the same lines, What thing he recommended to Adapt, Trial Access, or Hold? Summing up what Matt said.

  1. One should learn JavaScript.
  2. Focus on Design – whatever you do, make sure it is simple to use and understand.
  3. Communication is the key to growth, Cultural differences sometimes make it hard to understand what a person sitting far corner of the World is trying to convey. Take the ‘API – Assume Positive Intent Approach’ to avoid miscommunication.”

You can check the Recordings at 47min 11sec

There’s always more to the Future, what else do you think is the trendsetter?